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Whatever the Weather

Designs for Kids
The social-emotional messages we internalise as children are brought with us into adulthood. This collection aims to make those messages positive and helpful, in order to have a real impact on your child's wellbeing.

Learn about the how and why of the collection here.

Let It Out

The first design in the collection, this piece is made from collage papers that I painted using child-friendly tools such as paintbrushes, paper towel and forks!

Part of being emotionally-aware is acknowledging and being with big feelings. 

Let's encourage children to give themselves space and time to cry, talk or let it out in whichever way works for them.

Let It Out for website.jpg

Let It Out Animation

Let It Out Resource Pack

Explore the free resources below for ideas on exploring this topic with your child.
'Let It Out' Discussion Questions
let it out discussion Q's photo for website.jpg
Some ideas to help you talk with your child about the concept of 'letting it out'. Watch the animation together a few times, then use this download to help you open up a discussion.
'Let It Out' Cool Down
let it out cool down sheet photo for website.jpg
Keep these accessible for when your child isn't ready to talk but needs time to express themselves and cool down. Half the page is blank for them to record what they're upset about, using words or pictures. The other half is a colouring sheet to help them feel calmer before coming to talk to you about what happened (or maybe they're ready to move on).  
Create Your Own 'Let It Out' Characters!
Finished let it out craft activity for website.jpg
Download the printables, grab your paints, and create your own Sun and Cloud characters! Use them just for this activity or keep the pieces to create a stop-motion animation and to do a science experiment. (See below!)
Create Your Own Stop-Motion Animation!
animation tutorial cover image.jpg
After creating your characters (see activity above), use them to make your own stop-motion animation! An adult's help is required at the beginning to set up an iPad for this activity. 
Create Your Own Rain!
After making your Sun and Cloud characters, use them to help you investigate the water cycle! This science experiment is quick to set up, and then needs a few days to work its magic. 
Let Out Your Hidden Message!
let it out watercolour actvity.jpg
Sometimes we try to hide how we are feeling, but it can feel good to share it with others. In this quick and easy activity, create a secret message with white oil pastel, and then paint over the top to reveal it! You could practise writing the 'Let it out' message, or you could write or draw how you are feeling today. 

For this activity, you will need white paper, white oil pastel, watercolour paint (or watered-down poster paint), a large paintbrush and water.
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